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ZEAXANTHIN: A substance found in the following foods ... corn, egg yolks, kiwi fruit, green/leafy vegetables, zucchini, collard greens, spinach, squash, orange juice, seedless grapes. This substance has been shown to protect the eye from ultraviolet light.
ZELLWEGER SYNDROME: A rare disorder with the following symptoms ... renal cysts, increase in the size of the liver, brain dysfunctions, defects in the sheath of fat which protects nerve cell cables (axons) of the brain and spine, skull and facial abnormalities.
ZENKER'S DIVERTICULUM: A pouch that bulges through the throat muscles causing discomfort during eating.
ZINC: An essential trace element that is involved in enzymatic reactions, carbohydrate metabolism and the synthesis of proteins. It is a component of insulin and the reproductive fluid of males ... also involved in the immune system and the makeup of bones and teeth.
ZOANTHROPY: Belief that one is an animal.
ZOETIC: Pertaining to life.
ZOOMY INTRAUTERINE MANIPULATOR: Currently being researched.
ZOONOSIS: A parasite.
ZSTATFUL: Correctly spelled ... "ZstatFlu" ... rapid influenza test.
ZYG / (O): A combining word-part that means, "joined".
ZYGAL: Resembling a yoke.
ZYGOMA: A bone in the head ... a part of the cheekbone. Also, the zygomatic arch.
ZYGOMATIC: Refers to either the zygomatic process, arch or bone of the face.
ZYGOMATIC BONE: Located on the front of the skull below the orbit of the eye.
ZYGOTE: A female egg that has been fertilized by a male sperm.
ZYMOSIS: A contagious disease.

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