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Y CHROMOSOME: Sex chromosome (one of two) that is present only in the male
Y FRACTURE: A fracture between condyles that resembles a "Y".
YAWS: A tropical disease transmitted by direct contact and characterized by long lasting sores that can be located anywhere on the body. Caused by spirochete Treponema pertenue. Treatment typically involves penicillin G. It is interesting to note that syphilis blood testing shows up positive for people with this disease.
YEAST: Fungus consisting of one cell. Infections typically occur in the mouth, vagina and gastrointestinal tract ... vaginitis, thrush. A rich source of vitamin B.
YELLOW CARTILAGE: Also called ... "elastic cartilage". It is the most elastic of the three types of cartilage. It is located throughout the body i.e in the external ear, throat and auditory tube.
YELLOW FEVER: Infectious disease found in tropical areas of the world.
YOKE: The nutritional portion of the ovum (egg).
Y-PLASTY: A method of minimizing a suture scar.
Y-SET: A device made from plastic and designed to deliver fluids to veins via a main line attached to a drip chamber from which two other plastic tubes are connected to fluid sources. It is often used to transport packed red blood cells that must be combined with saline solution to decrease their resistance to flow.

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