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Q: Latin abbreviation meaning "every" ... properly spelled "q" ... example, q4h means "every four hours".
QAM: Abbreviation for "every morning".
Q.D.: Abbreviation for "quaque die" which means "every day".
Q FEVER: A disease caused by the rickettsiae microorganism.
QHS: Abbreviation for "each bedtime, every night".
QID: Abbreviation for "4 times a day". QID is properly spelled "qid" ... example, qid means "four times a day".
QM: Abbreviation for "every morning".
QOD: Latin abbreviation for "every other day".
QRS DURATION: EKG term for a complex waveform.
QTC: Abbreviation for "Quantitative Tip Culture".
QUACK: One who pretends to have medical skills.
QUADRA: A combining word part that indicates, "four".
QUADRANT: Used to describe one of four locations of the abdomen.
QUADRATE: Four sided.
QUADRATE LOBE: One of the small, liver lobes located beneath the right lobe and left of the fissure.
QUADRATIS FEMORIS: Currently being researched.
QUADRATUS: Any muscle possessing four sides.
QUADRI: A combining word part that indicates "four".
QUADRICEPS: Large muscles of the anterior (front) thigh. They keep the kneecap in place.
QUADRIGEMINI: Every fourth heart beat being premature.
QUADRIPLEGIA: The paralysis of all four limbs (hands and arms).
QUANTITATIVE: An amount of something ... typically refers to a measurement.
QUARANTINE: The isolation of people with an infectious disease from the rest of society.
QUARTAN: Happening every 72 hours.
QUARTAN FEVER: A form of malaria.
QUATERNARY: Another word for ... "fourth".
QUIESCENT: The time period in which infections are present but lying dormant.
QUINSY: Abscesses which develops surrounding tonsils.
QUINTAN: Occurring every fifth day.
QUINTON CATHETER: Currently being researched.
QUOTIDIAN: Occurring every day.
Q.V.: Correctly spelled ... qv. ... "as much as you want".

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