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JACKSONIAN: Jacksonian epilepsy.
JACKSONIAN SEIZURE: An epileptic seizure which typically begins in the fingers, toes or sometimes in the corner of the mouth. The seizure produces a numbness and trembling which spreads to adjacent areas and produces unconsciousness.
JACKSON-PRATT: Surgical instruments including catheters, dissectors, drains, reservoirs, suction drains, suction reservoirs.
JACOBSON'S ORGAN: Two small pits found approximately one centimeter up the nose where the flat of the face meets the septum. It is believed that this organ is responsible for sexual stimulation.
JANEWAY: Type of lesion.
JARGON: Speaking unintelligently.
JAUNDICE: This condition causes the skin and eyes to turn a pale yellow color. It is due to high levels of bilirubin contained in the blood.
JECUR: Referring to the liver.
JEJUN / O: A combining word-form that refers to a portion of the small intestines (jejunum).
JEJUNECTOMY: A surgical excision of the jejunum.
JEJUNOCOLOSTOMY: A surgical procedure to connect the colon and jejunum.
JEJUNOILEAL: Relating to the jejunum and the ileum.
JEJUNUM: A portion of the small intestines.
JOBST'S STOCKING: Stockings designed to fit tightly and prevent water buildup in the tissues of the legs.
JOINT ARTHROPATHY: Any disease that affects joints.
JOINTS: Areas where bones or cartilage meet. Joints are classified as moveable or immovable. Moveable joints like the elbow or knee are immersed in a special liquid to cushion and lubricate. MCP; PIP; DIP; IP
JRA: Abbreviation for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.
JUGAL: Referring to the cheek.
JUGALE: The point where temporal and frontal processes of the zygomatic bone unite.
JUGULAR VEIN: A large vein located in the front of the throat.
JUSTO MAJOR: Abnormally large.
JUXTA: Combining form that means ... located near.
JUXTAPOSITION: Placed next to ... side-by-side ... in close proximity to one another.
JUXTASPINAL: In the vicinity of the spine.
JVP: Abbreviation for "jugular venous pulse".

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