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Mind Over Aging

from the desk of Joseph Patrick Jakubal

    Dear Reader,

    This webpage was created to present wisdom regarding aging and what to do about it.

    The articles encompass many fields of discipline including physical, mental, scientific, and subconscious aspects. If I can assist you in your endeveors, please do not hesitate to contact me via the "CONTACT US" link (at right).

    Sincerely yours,


    The "key" to extending life is to realize that people seldom die of old age ... in fact, people almost always die from diseases or the failure of body parts.

    Life extension starts with maintaining good health by giving the body what it needs to stay healthy:

    When the above "primary needs" have been satisfied, then we might consider . . .

    Radiation is concerning since the Fukushima accident and fasting is backed by strong experimental evidence (see the book, Secrets of Life Extension , Harbor, San Fransisco, 1980 by John Mann).

    This book describes a research study demonstrating a 20% increase in the life spans of rats that fasted one day out of every three throughout their lives (normal eating on the other days).

    Two scientists (Dr. Weindruch and Dr. Walford) conducted hundreds of animal experiments dealing with dietary modifications and restrictions and concluded ... "Life can be extended by dietary restriction, a process which can also lead to a dramatic reduction in the chances of developing chronic diseases in old age" (see Retardation of Aging and Disease by Dietary Restriction, Charles Thomas, Springfield, Ill, 1988).

    I have little doubt that limiting caloric intake in people will also tend to lengthen life and reduce the incidence of diseases (related to aging) since it has done so in species after species of animals that have been tested. In fact, there is strong evidence already available that says it does so.

    From my observations, your odds of making it to 70 years of age are quite good ... even if you do not exercise or eat well and have a bad mental attitude. Of course, this "base" life span can be decreased by overloading your body with pollutants like cigarette smoke, herbicides, pesticides, etc. However, by doing everything right - you will not only extend your life span ... you will also extend your "quality of life".

    Those people who abuse their bodies (smokers, overweight people, etc.) all have a lower quality of life as well as quantity. If you practice a healthy lifestyle, life is not just longer, it is longer and better ... for example, a 100 year old person that can swim and is mentally lucid (and is contributing to life) has a better life than a 50-year-old with emphysema and oxygen starvation to the brain. Remember, living well is not just a matter of living longer - it is living better. Part of living better is reducing the chances of developing cancer (see Cancer Strategies) for more info).

    WARNING: : Dietary restriction should not be applied to children because a child has not yet completed growth ... this safety concern should be applied to anyone below the age of 20.

    Human history demonstrates that people can withstand long periods of starvation ... up to two months if liquids are provided. In fact, longe term restriction of foods for up to six months is possible if supplements are provided. However, periods of dietary restriction applied to children would result in malnutrition and possible irreversible stunting and damage to bodily functions.

    Please do not apply dietary restriction methods to yourself or family members. Personal experimentation is to be taken at your own risk ... be mindful of your current state of health, and following discussion with a qualified health professional.

    Within each of us exists the "answers" to coping with many of the pollutants of the modern world ... and the "answers" begins with a strong "immunity system".

    Modern man ingests an unbelievable amount of chemicals not intended as food substances ... chemicals like insecticides, herbicides, and the hormones that are typically added to our foods to increase profitability. Combine those factors with the polluted air we breath, the questionable water we drink - and is it any wonder why we are more susceptible to diseases, allergies and poor general health.

    The symptoms of aging are accelerated when a weak immunity system is unable to fight off the "oxidation" of our molecular cells. This process is caused by "molecular sharks" called free radicals - they attack and damage the cells right down to it's fundamental building blocks - the DNA.

    Then, as if this is not enough, nutrients are being removed from our foods by processing and modern diets are contributing to the increasing rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, heart disease, cancers, etcetera.

    These new living conditions require us to "change" and new strategies are needed to live in today's world.

    A note concerning the government's RDA - this Recommended Daily Allowance of nutrients is required to maintain life ... however, it is not a "recommended daily allowance" to achieve optimum health.

    In conclusion, I would like to point out that we also need to pay attention to the needs of the body and mind because healthy aging begins with "thinking" because humans are the only animals that participate in the aging process.

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