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Reprinted with permission from the book THE ANTI-AGING CHRONICLES

Life, in general, follows a predetermined path ... first there is birth, then growth, and finally decay.

But there is one creature who is unique and actually participates in the aging process ... mankind. He is the only creature who knows that he is aging.

We participate in the development of our bodies because we have the ability to control our thoughts. If we choose to think about stressful situations too often then we end up with the well known negative effects of stress ... we actually cause diseases to occur.

But in a more positive light, we can also choose positive thoughts that are known to produce scores of healthful benefits. You can select thoughts by first "quieting the mind" and then concentrating on pre-selected words and ideas.

The body that we have ... whether it is vibrant, healthy, old, or diseased can be thought of as an expression of our thoughts. As an example, Dr. Deepak Chopra reports in his book, Ageless Body - Timeless Mind, that ,"... transplant patients report an uncanny experience after receiving a donated kidney, liver, or heart. Without knowing who the owner was, they begin to participate in his memories.

In one instance a woman woke up from a heart transplant with a craving for beer and Chicken McNuggets ... even though she never had before. After awhile she began having dreams in which a person named Timmy would come to her.

After investigating the life of her donor she discovered that the donor was a young man named Timmy who had died in a car accident. It turned out that he had a "particular fondness" for beer ... and his accident occurred on the way home from McDonald's.

Your thoughts turn into your experiences which turn into your body ... it's as simple as that. In one year from now, virtually every atom in your body will be different from the ones you now have. There is no good reason to build that new body with defects that are caused by your thoughts.

Choose to incorporate life-enhancing, age-defying, and other positive thoughts into your "thinking habits" right now ... the sooner the better.

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