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Fasting For Health And Longevity

by Joseph Patrick Jakubal

Your body is pre-programmed to "maintain life". If you receive an injury, your body seeks to repair itself ... It is as though you have an "inner intelligence" working on your behalf. It is a "primary force" that controls and monitors your internal body functions ... for example, consider your heart ... it beats automatically ... you don't do anything ... "something else" does it for you.

This "something else" is like a computer program that inhabits the background of your life ... always working to keep you alive.

Sometimes, pollution, stress, digestion and other factors can distress the "primary force" and cause it to focus it's attention on these "immediate concerns" ... and neglect less immediat ones. If distress is constant then your "primary force" can be over-powered and prevented from performing the long-term maintenance required for health and longevity. Poisons, distress and "digestion" can rob you of your energy and vitality.

The foods we eat and the air we breathe contain the poisons ... and the thoughts we entertain provide the distress. However, another factor is a daily activity that requires more energy than anything else (under normal circumstances) ... "digestion".

FASTING First, the "primary force" cannot perform properly if it lacks necessary nutrients. Second, healing action will be sluggish if it is heavily encumbered with poisons. Also, the primary force cannot fulfill its duties if it is being poisoned by harmful emotional pressures that can produce a nearly constant drain on its already strained abilities.

In effect, fasting allows you to step back and hand over the well-being of your physical self to your "primary force" ... it allows the body to "take care of business" because (1) the highest expenditure of energy in a typical day is the process of digesting food - eliminating this allows the body to concentrate it's efforts where they are more needed. (2) you continue to eliminate waste products even though you are not adding new ones on fast days - thus, decreasing your overall toxicity.

Combine these factors with animal experiments that show ... regular fasting for short intervals increases the life spans of virtually every life form it is tried on ... and you can see why it is the cornerstone of the Two-day-on & One-day-off diet. .

PRIMARY BENEFIT OF FASTING Proponents of fasting site the following benefits ...

(1) Allows you to step outside your "comfort zone" and put a barrier between the self-limiting behaviors that you are accustomed to and the new way-of-life that you aspire to.

( ) Overall toxicity of the body is reduced ... i.e., toxin excretion continues while new toxins are curtailed.

(2) It gives the vital organs a complete rest.

( ) Energy usually used for digestion is redirected to the immune system, cell growth and the processes of elimination.

(3) It promotes the breaking-down and absorption of exudates, deposits, "diseased" tissues, and abnormal growths.

( ) The blood is thinned because fats are reduced and this causes an increase in cell oxygenation. Also, white blood cells are able to respond more quickly. (4) It gives the organs of elimination an opportunity to catch up with their work, and promotes elimination.

( ) Pesticides and drugs that are typically stored in fat are released into the blood stream for elimination. (5) It empties the digestive tract and disposes of putrefactive bacteria.

(6) It reestablishes normal physiological chemistry and normal secretions.

(7) It stops the intake of food, which may decompose in the intestines and poison the body.

(8) It restores a youthful condition to the cells and tissues and rejuvenates the body.

(9) It permits the conservation and recanalization of energy.

(10) It increases the powers of digestion and assimilation.

(11) It clears and strengthens the mind.

(12) It improves function throughout the body.

(13) During the first 24 hours of a fast, the body is able to utilize its stored carbohydrates-in the form of glycogen-to fuel essential body processes. When glycogen reserves are depleted, fat becomes the preferred energy source, so that protein (e.g., as found in muscle tissue) is partially spared.

CRITICS POINT OF VIEW Critics claim that fasting depletes the body of vital nutrients, minerals and vitality ... they say it is unsafe and does not work for dieting. The critics argue that virtually no scientific data is available on humans to backup health claims.

HISTORY Fasting is not new ... it was performed throughout history for therapeutic and religious purposes. There can be dangers associated with prolonged fasting but a one-day fast is unlikely to cause any harm to a healthy body ... the same can be said for slightly longer fasts (extending up to three days)


The potential benefits of fasting are staggering ... and it is likely that health and longevity will be the result.

Also, human beings are "creatures of habit" and they make their daily routines "automatic" and "effortless" through repetition ... and this is why it is so difficult for many people to eliminate bad habits. However, when you fast you bring your daily routines to a screeching halt. It allows you to evaluate your lifestyle so you can make a break with your past and head in more positive directions. Fasting provides a method of stopping self-destructive behavior patterns.


(1) Sometimes fasting for even short periods can be dangerous ... pregnant women, lactating mothers, those with kidney, liver or lung diseases, diabetics, stomach ulcers, cancer sufferers, those with gout, hypoglycemics ... (2) Do not fast on only water ... because toxins can be released too quickly into the blood stream, resulting in headaches. Instead, substitute water with fresh, fruit juices since they are pre-digested, promote health and remove toxins. (3) If you are diabetic, hypoglycemic, or have any other chronic health problem then your fasts should be supervised by a physician.