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Alchemical symbol for GOLD Medical symbol for FEMALE ... Alchemical symbol for MERCURY Alchemical symbol for SILVER Alchemical symbol for POTASIUM Medical symbol for MALE ... Alchemical symbol for IRON Alchemical symbol for COPPER Alchemical symbol for ZINC

Icelands Witchcraft Museum.

Tesla power wall.

Antarctic ice is growing.

Tesla chart on mathematics.

Dwarf human species.

Lost Appolo tapes.

Scientists say a Neptune sized planet exists.

Invisibility cloak.

Live earthquakes map.

Anti-matter from the center of the earth.

Memories pass between generations.

440 Hz Music Detunes Us From Natural 432 Hz.

Scientists Create Battery capable of charging an Electric Car for 27 Years.

Desalinate salt water with electricity.

DNA research confirms the existance of bigfoot

Research project offers 'immortality' - by transplanting their brains into robot bodies

U.S. breaks heat record in first half of 2012

Solar flares keep on getting stronger

Higgs found

Picture shows how all the water on Earth would fit into one 860-mile-wide ball

A demonstration of human potential - Derek the savant pianist.

Earth's Core Spins Faster Than Surface, Study Confirms

Global Jet Stream Model

A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945

Electromagnetic pulses explained

Hidden Hieroglyphs in the Great Pyramid - Djedi robot mission

Strange sound in Poland 15.01.2012

Strange sounds in the Ukraine

Strange noises January 20th 2012 - Germany

Strange Sounds In Conklin, Alberta Jan 12th 2012

Strange Sounds Rays Baseball Game evening of Earthquake East Coast U.S.

Strange sound in Florida [Boca Raton, FL 2012] [1:12 PM]

Strange weird noise coming from sky.12/5/11 TN

Hair Is An Extension Of The Nervous System ... Why Indians Keep Their Hair Long

Silver dust to revolutionize battery technology.

Shocked Scientists Ask: Is The Sun Is Dying?

DNA Molecules Can 'Teleport,' Nobel Winner Says

Solar heating solution

Lucid dreaming: Techniques to improve dream consciousness

The sun rises two days early in Greenland ... first time in history.

Man invents machine to convert plastic into oil

Antimatter caught streaming from thunderstorms on Earth

Interview with man who predicted Moscow UFO sightings.

Battery breakthrough is at hand.

Motion-to-Energy (M2E) Power Generation Technology ... Idaho National Lab ... Joe's Comment

A demonstration of CHI energy.

">Watch this impossible video.

2010 review: A year in brief

Top space stories for 2010.