from the desk of Joseph Patrick Jakubal

By applying healthful mind and body techniques, one's fear of aging will diminish when a lifestyle is adopted that enhances both the quantity and quality of life. It is possible to live a healthy, energetic, and vital life in one's 80s, 90s, and beyond.

We have the ability to use our "awareness" to create the bodies we want ... but, to make it work we must counteract the aging process every day.

Everything in the universe that is ordered tends to become disordered (decayed) with time. And the way to maintain order in the face of the powerful forces that are bringing it towards decay is to bring your intelligence upon it. For example, a house will fall into disrepair, with time, if intelligence is not brought in to maintain it. In the same way, our bodies will tend to degenerate a little more with each passing day ... unless we bring our intelligence to focus on the problem.

The free radical discovery has provided us with a "target" for our intelligence to work on and this is significant because we have already developed the "science of mind" tools that can focus our attention on internal body functions to affect them.

Autogenics, hypnosis, biofeedback, meditation, guided imagery, visualization, and other "intelligence" techniques are known to affect the internal workings of your body by making minute chemical secretions which cause a string of events to occur. For example, when a hormone is secreted into the body it does not stop there ... it creates a domino effect that causes a chain of events to occur. The chemical ends up affecting other glands that produce their chemicals to affect other bodily functions. And so it goes, until a myriad of tiny actions are taking place in reaction to a single thought or emotion.

The problem is ... we fail to realize this is happening because it is not apparent. Minute chemical reactions tend to take time before they accumulate enough for us to notice that they are having an effect. Each thought or emotion that we might have is only a very small portion of the thoughts and emotions of a lifetime that makes up our personalities (to makes us who we are).

This is why it is so important to bring our attention onto aging and disease ... and with regular practice we can cause the small chemical shifts that will accumulate to make the necessary repairs that will keep us young and vibrant. It's an "accumulation effect" which affects us over the "long run" ... contrary to the "instant gratification", short-term world we live in.

Learn to understand nutrition and what it means to your body ... so you can support the "expectations that you probably gained during your childhood. For example, if you were told (and you accepted), "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away" ... then you do not have to go through psychotherapy to get rid of that belief. Instead of spending time and effort on fighting it, you can simply go along with it and ... what you end up doing is to make a demonstration to your self-image of what it is you chose to have from life.

Go with the common wisdom about nutrition that is contained in these pages because they already exist in your "belief system" ... support the positive beliefs you have and make them work for you by bringing your attention to them ... use this web site as your springboard to a new lifestyle of healthy habits.

But, remember that a healthy diet does not guarantee health ... mental health is required above and beyond physical health. By eating a nutritious diet and by exercising your body you are merely demonstrating to your "inner self" (personality) what it is you chose to have from life.

You can have a healthy body and still believe that you will die from cancer by the age of 50 "because your mother did".

Remember that people generally get what they "expect" out of life ... but expectations are not momentary decisions ... they are the result of a lifetime of thoughts, habits, and choices.

The positive attitude that is so important for a long and healthy life is not simply "turned-on" with the flick of a switch. It is the result of "thinking habits" which take time to develop.

The good news is that there are methods, which enable people to amplify thoughts and turn them into powerful "thinking habits" in relatively short amounts of times. Imagery, visualization, autogenics, the relaxation response, self-hypnosis and meditation are a few of these methods.

In a relatively short period of time (six weeks) people can imbed new thoughts and ideas into their minds that can counteract a lifetime of negative ones.

But before you do this ... think about what it is you really want! Set goals! Don't be deceived into thinking that a quick sexual encounter is what you really want ... or vengeance ... or laziness ... or anything else that can affect you negatively in the "long run".

Keep in mind that "you are the sum total of all the thoughts of your lifetime" ... choose the thoughts that will keep you young and healthy. Command your body to give you the life of your choosing ... and it is never too late to start.

Have faith in your own ability to create ... have faith in a Creator who set things up for your benefit ... have faith that the world that mankind has created cannot stop you from creating your own personal world of happiness and satisfaction.

Don't worry about how creativity happens ... simply have faith that it does.

Don't try to figure out everything that has to happen for you to obtain the things you want ... just let things "develop".

Take the time-out that is required to set logical goals that will work for you instead of against you ... take the time-out to quiet your mind from the bombardment of the senses that dilute and contradict your wants.

Take time-out to make the most important decisions in your life ... decide what it is you chose to have from life.

Remember that negative begets negative ... you cannot be filled with negative thought patterns and expect to live a positive life.

But also remember that negative thought patterns are simply "thinking habits" and new habits can be formed in a relatively short period of time merely through repetition ...

You can accelerate the process of creating new "thinking habits" by amplifying your thoughts with meditation, self-hypnosis, or prayer.

Each of these methods demonstrate to your "inner self" what it is that you expect from life ... do it repeatedly and do it often ... what have you got to lose? ... except for old "thinking habits" that do not serve your best interests.

And what have you got to gain? ... The world of your choice!

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