Joseph Patrick Jakubal

JKL Company

  • Director of Information Technology for an international medical records company

  • Head of the Environmental Test Lab that dealt with submarine detection systems, space shuttle components, space station research, magnetic research.

  • Specialized skills in electronics, resonance testing, random vibration, environmental stress screening,

  • Extensive experience as a technical and manufacturing supervisor for an aerospace company involved in testing, repairing, calibrating, troubleshooting of computers, and electronic devices.

  • Knowledgeable in electromagnetic interference testing.

  • Computer literate with various software and systems.

  • Proficient in medical terminology and anatomy.

  • Author of the books Mind/Body Attunement, From Magic to Medicine.

  • Web Site Developer

  • Writer of Self Improvement articles for Internet self help web site.

  • Employed in the medical records industry in various capacities Information Technology, Quality Assurance, Medical Transcription, Accounts Manager.

  • Honorable Discharge from U.S. Air Force with 'Exemplary Recommendation'

  • Technical writing abilities.

  • World's only pratitioner of the "2-Day-On ... 1-Day-Off" fasting lifestyle (3 1/2 years)

  • Attended numerous seminars and courses on technical and team management aspects.

  • Analysis, investigation, problem solving and decision making abilities combined with a sense of innovation.

  • Hands on leadership with a capacity to generate team collaboration and to lead a quality circle in an unionized and multiethnic environment.

  • Autonomous, versatile, reliable and very meticulous with data.

  • For information contact: Joseph Patrick Jakubal