CONCLUSION: "Physical activity" and a healthy "mental attitude" are the primary "commonalities" among the centurians studied below.
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Staying active


 Life is movement - lack of movement is death
Mental attitude


 You are as you "think" - you can be nothing else.
Working Past Retirement


 People need to work - they are happiest when they are doing enjoyable work
Eating healthy


 Putting poisons in your body cannot be good for you.
Stress reduction


 "Things go better with a relaxed attitude" (relates to "mental attitude" above).
Moderate alcohol


 Scientist' tell us that 2 drinks a day will stimulate the heart in a beneficial way.


 Relates to "stress reduction" and . "mental attitude".
Limited eating / slender


 Relates to "stress reduction" and . "mental attitude".
Parental longevity


 Genetics or self fulfilling prophecy?


 Music can alter moods.
Excessive sleeping


 Sleeping probably relates to health & longevity..
Eating fish


 Japanese centurians surely eat fish and increases "occurances"...
Resist over-indulgence


 My great-grandmother used to say, "Everything in moderation."


 Too much sun is bad - about 30 minutes a day is good..
Worcestershire sauce


 Probably the vinegar and garlic.


AGE: 122.(authenticated) France SECRET FOR LONGEVITY: Calment stayed active even in her last years - she rode a bicycle and lived on her own until she was 110. Madame Calment officially gave up smoking at 117, but resumed having the occasional puff after her 118th birthday. Well into her hundreds she drank a glass of port before lunch and another before dinner. She once said: "I have an enormous will to live and a good appetite, especially for sweets." Mme Calment's father lived to 94 and her mother to 86. She once said that she is interested in everything, but nor really passionate about anything."


AGE: 120 years, 237 days (authenticated). OCCUPATION: Isumi worked until he was 105, drank sho-chu (firewater, distilled from barley) and took up smoking at age 70. SECRET FOR LONGEVITY: He attributed his long life to "God, Buddha and the Sun."


AGE: 116.(authenticated) Japan. OCCUPATION: She was raised on a small, rural island on Japan's southern ridge. Hongo grew up tending cows and farming potato's. FOR LONGEVITY: Hongo was famous throughout Japan for her habit of sleeping for two days and then staying awake for two days. Hongo attributed her long life to "not moping around".


AGE: 115.(authenticated) U.S..Michigan OCCUPATION: SECRET SECRETS FOR LONGEVITY: Luce reportedly credited an intake of boiled dandelion greens and fried fish as the reason for her long life.


AGE: 114 (authenticated) Spain OCCUPATION: A retired Spanish shoemaker. SECRETS FOR LONGEVITY: He attributed his long life to doing everything in moderation, including smoking "but not too much".. He used to sleep up to 14 hours a day but also enjoyed playing football and the guita.


AGE: 114. (authenticated) Ohio. SECRET FOR LONGEVITY: Her physician, Dr Charles Wilkins, said Benkner has a sharp mind and that her outlook on life is a key to her longevity. When asked the secret to a long life, Benkner replied, "There is no secret. I just live each day the way the Lord gives it to me." The petite woman still takes walks three times a day and goes to church every Sunday. She also gets her hair done every week.


AGE: 114.(authenticated) Japan. OCCUPATION: Was a farmer in Hiroshima until she was 100. A Hiroshima city official told The Associated Press that Kawate survived the atomic blast that hit the city on Aug 6, 1945. She was on her farm about six miles from downtown during the blast, but entered the city two days later to search for relatives and became exposed to radiation. She had a weakness for custard cakes and liked to sing a caretaker said.


AGE: 114 (authenticated) from the Netherlands. . OCCUPATION: Needlework instructor. SECRET OF LONGEVITY: Though she's watched how cars have changed the world, she never learned to drive herself, instead remaining loyal to her bicycle - which helped her stay fit. "People keep asking me how I have managed to reach this age and still be healthy," ... "the answer is, I have never smoked or drunk too much alcohol. I eat well and just keep breathing. "She's a great believer in the power of positive thinking."

She is really interested in what's going on i the world and listens to the news on the radio most days." Longevity did not seem to be in the cards when Van Andel-Schipper was young. She was sickly and underweright as a child, and her parents were so concerned about her health that they kept her out of school ... she was home schooled. Despite the shaky start, Van Andel-Schipper has enjoyed robust health ever since. She even sailed through a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 100.


AGE: 114. Ohio. SECRET FOR LONGEVITY: Johnston lived a wholesome life, rarely visited doctors and never used the deductible on her health insurance policy, relatives said. The secretary at her doctor's office said Johnston had the thinnest file on record.


AGE: 114 (authenticated). U.S.. OCCUPATION: Expert seamstess SECRET FOR LONGEVITY: Adelina attributed her longevity to her daily regimen of eating vegetables and beans and her life-long abstinence from any form of alcohol or tobacco.


AGE: 114 (authenticated). Japan. OCCUPATION: Retired silkworm breeder. He also worked as a bank employee and a communioty welfare officer. SECRET FOR LONGEVITY: He attributed his longevity to healthy eating and an optimistic personality.


AGE: 113 (authenticated).Kentucky. OCCUPATION: SECRET FOR LONGEVITY: Grace Thaxton's mother lived to 109.


AGE: 113 (authenticated). OCCUPATION: She spent her life teaching. Samson died in the Convent of Les Filles De Juses, where she has lived since 1985 after breaking her hip. "She was mobile until she was about 110. On her 110th birthday, her request was for a headset so she could listen to music."


AGE: 112 (authenticated) Italy.. OCCUPATION: Sardinia. SECRET FOR LONGEVITY: He attributed his longevity to homegrown food. "He farmed all of his food. the bread he ate was his bread, the wine from his vineyard," said Raffaele Mol, Grau's grandson. Sardinia has the world's highest ration of residents over the age of 100, acording to Guinness World Records.


AGE: 111 (authenticated) OCCUPATION: Farmer SECRET FOR LONGEVITY: Keeping stress to a minimum ... put his longevity down to his ability to "weep freely," which he said stopped him from ever getting stressed, and regular glasses of "good wine" . He was also an avid supporter of outdoor activity , particularly field sports which he enjoyed since he was a boy. In 1998, aged 109, he became the oldest known man to stalk and shoot a deer. Mr Holcomb lived most of his life in Oklahoma, where he farmed every day until his retirement in 1996 at age 107 .Mr Holcomb remained a fit and athletic until 1998 when he started to become frail. A spokesman for the nursing home said, "Mr. Holcomb died peacefully in his sleep over the weekend. He died of old age. He was a wonderful and kind man." "You take one day after the other, you just go on." he once said. "Just love your brother and drink a glass of good wine."


AGE: 109 (authenticated). SECRET FOR LONGEVITY: Worcestershire sauce ... "a teaspoon full a day does the trick", he said. Amber's hair may be gray and sparse, but his skin is relatively unlined. He does not wear glasses and his wit is shart. He stands perfectly erect and moves easilty around downtown San Francisco's downtown restaurant area, where he always orders Worcestershire sauce with his meals.

Worcestershire sauce is a generic condiment from the English county of Worcestershire, typically contains vinegar, molasses, corn syrup, water, salt, carmel,color, garlic powder, sygar, spices, anchovies, tamarind and natural flavor.


AGE: 104 (authenticated) SECRET FOR LONGEVITY: Walking three mile a day ... And in a relentless quest to stay stylishly thin, she ate very little.


AGE: 104 (authenticated) OCCUPATION: He only retired at the age of 83 from his carpentry business. Because he has children throughout Canada, he has enjoyed bouncing between then, staying with one for a few months and then moving on. SECRET FOR LONGEVITY: "He doesn't take any medication of any kind, he takes any kind of food you give him. DeChenne's daughter, Patricia, calls her dad, "the most wonderful dad in the world." He could easily be mistaken for a man in his 80's.


AGE: 103 (authenticated). OCCUPATION: Her husband Reg died about 15 years ago. They met in Windsor and went on to build a life that included an ice-cream store they operated in Canada and a dry cleaning business in Miami, where they eventually retired.SECRET FOR LONGEVITY: "I'm very content. I think that's the secret to anybody's life." "I walk. I never make trouble." "I haven't an ache or pain, and I'm very, very thankful." Born in Vienna, she was the youngest of five children. That contributed much to her longevity, she thinks, because she gained a sense of fun and enjoyment from life, as others did so much of the daily chores. She mentions that she uses olive oil to keep her skin soft.

As far as medicines ... she does not take so much as an Aspirin, but she makes sure to take vitamins and eat well. What remains a priority with Kay is walking and meeting and greeting everyone in sight.

She says she lets others worry and take care of any of the stress in her life. She experiences few bad days or sad moments and ... little or no serious health problems other than her gradual hearing loss.


AGE: 101 years (authenticated). OCCUPATION: pathologist. Doctor, musician, teacher, scientist, author, world traveller - Mr Saunderman has not been an idle man. In 2001 he was honored as the oldest wmployed person in the United States. "He's a very strong man ... very practical, too, and kind to others. he doesn't pull his weight on people. I can't think of anyone who doesn't like the man." SECRET FOR LONGEVITY: Loving parents, devoted wives, worthy children. A strong relilgious faith. A rigid work schedule. A good sense of humour. No tobacco and little alcohol. "I try to live a careful life." he says.


SPECIAL MENTIONAGE: 95 SECRET FOR LONGEVITY: "Always stay happy and be optimistic. You should wipe from your mind all things that may bother you. OCCUPATION: Cycle taxi driver still pedalling at 95. Pham pedals 40 km a day and has nnot seen a doctor in 34 years - he manoeuvers through Hanoi's chaotic traffic. Family members have sold his cycle three times since 1985. rejecting their advice that he shuold take it easy, he asked them to buy it back each time. "I don't want to rely on them. As long as I can work, I will," Gian said, a broad smile showing off all his own teeth in a face with few wrinkles.

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