JKL is an American owned company which is also proud to serve the international community ... it was founded in 1994 by Joseph Jakubal. You've seen our ads in Popular Science, Successful Retirement, Spy Magazine, Your Health Magazine, The Landers Herald, Weekly World News, Grit, The Globe, The National Enquirer, Jackpot Magazine, Phenome News, American Astrology and numerous other publications.

The JKL Company is a Multimedia Information Network serving the general public. This web site provides a variety of interesting and thought provoking information ranging from ... free items ... to self-enhancement ... to health/medical information.



If the gratuity involves the Postal System then review the instructions below . . .

  1. To avoid unnecessary delays follow the directions that appear with each gratuity offer.
  2. Write your name and address as a return address on each envelope you send out.
  3. Include a #10 business-sized (4-1/8" x 9 1/2") envelope with your name, address and Zip code printed on the front center and First Class Postage affixed. Send this envelope folded inside another envelope addressed to the supplier.
  4. If an order specifies a handling fee, include the amount specified. If you send coins then be sure to tape them to a card.
  5. Print clearly on a note the name and gratuity number (if applicable) of the item that you are requesting.

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Natural moisturizing Facial Mist for dry skin and dry eyes. Instantly revitalizes faded make-up. Sampler Special (two 2-ounce mist bottles) Try NATURE'S MIST once and you will never go with out it again! $5.00 shipping and handling ONLY! (A $15.00 value)
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CD ROM FROM NASA FOR THE COST OF SHIPPING, HANDLING AND SUPPORT The SIR-C Educational CD-ROM is designed for use by educators and students in middle schools, high schools, and universities. The CD-ROM is intended for educational use and contains lesson plans, presentation materials, and a teacher's guide. The SIR-C Educational CD can be used as part of the curriculum for earth science, computing, or geography classes.
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With iMesh you choose the files you want to download and share. The iMesh unique technology lets you download your files from several users at the same time. When you disconnect from the Internet or close the iMesh application, all your partially downloaded files are saved, to be resumed from the exact place they stopped next time you connect.
FREE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE TEST: Body-Mind QueenDom is an extensive, interactive website with a vast collection of original psychological tests scored on-line (examples: relationship satisfaction, jealousy, depression, self-esteem, anxiety, social anxiety, communication skills, coping with stress, assertiveness, sales personality, type A personality, optimism, introversion/extroversion, etc.)
Free sample ... Heart Food Caps