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Reprinted with permission from the book From Magic to Medicine                  Alphabetical Herb List


Purported to be a wide spectrum natural antibiotic which is effective against viruses, parasites and bacteria. Derived from the olive tree it is also said to boost the immune system and contains 98 phytochemicals, one of which is oleuropein (broad antibiotic agent). In 1969 the Upjohn Company discovered that a component of oleuropein (elenolic acid) was the primary antiviral agent that was active against all tested viruses. DOSAGES: Mild infections like head colds and sinus infections require two tablets daily for those who are young and in good condition. Severe infections may require four tablets four times every day when treating severe ailments. Influenza requires an initial dosage of four tablets and then two tablets every 4-5 hours for 4-7 days. It must be noted that different people react differently to herbs and medications. CAUTION: Sometimes people may experience a reaction to the poisons that are being processed out of body and last a few days. EFFECTIVE AGAINST: Purported to be effective against AIDS, Epstein-Barr, Angina attacks, Fungus, Arrhythmias, Hemorrhoids, Bladder infections, Malaria, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Psoriasis, Colds and flu, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Eczema.


Externally used for sprains, itching, insect bites, burns and bruises.


Fatty acids found in fish have a reputation of preventing heart attacks and strokes. They decrease blood triglycerides (fats) and also decrease blood pressure. They keep the blood vessels of the brain and heart free of fatty buildups. Other benefits are purported to be ... a decrease in the inflammation due to rheumatoid arthritis ... decrease breast cancer risk ... lessen pain due to menstrual cramping ... retard the onset of diabetes and asthma. The fish that contain the highest amounts of this supplement are Atlantic cod, tuna, mackerel, red snapper and pink salmon.

ONION (Allium sativum)

Used externally as a cure for acne. First clean the face and then dab the skin with fresh onion juice and leave on for 15 minutes ... then rinse. Repeat daily.

Onions are in the same family as garlic and share the same advantages against heart disease.

German research indicates that there are several substances in onion that can prevent asthma attacks. An animal study showed that it prevented attacks for up to 12 hours.


See “wild oregano”.


Used to protect and strengthen the liver. It is also used for painful digestion, which is accompanied by loss of appetite.


A natural drug, which can alleviate the symptoms of the flu and build up the immunity system to prevent it. Dosage is, once daily for a month.


Also called. "bee balm", "mountain balm", "mountain mint". Typically used to relieve stomach irritation, vomiting and nausea.

OYSTER MUSHROOM (Pleurotus ostreatus)

The Chinese indicate that it is used for joint and muscle relaxation. Traditionally it has been used to strengthen veins and relax tendons.

A product containing oyster mushroom called, "Tendon easing powder" is effective in the treatment of lumbago, numbed limbs, and tendon and blood vessel discomfort.

In the Czech Republic, extracts from the fruiting bodies are the main ingredient in dietary preparations recommended for prevention of high cholesterol.

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