Alien Voice From The Ether
A warning to mankind.

UFO Dimension News
Worldwide anomalous phenomena.

Alexander Technique
Means for overcoming habits, and for helping people learn better and do things more freely -- from learning to play a musical instrument better to moving with more comfort and ease through your daily life.

Chinese Horoscope 1
One's Chinese horoscope is based on which lunar year in a sixty year cycle one was born.

Chinese Horoscope 2
Chinese Astrology Year Chart

Crystal Links 2
Metaphysics Links

The Dance

Four Winds Society
Prophecies from the last descendants of the ancient Inka peoople of Peru.

Ghost Research Society articles

Great Pyramid
The story of the world from Adam and Eve to the Return of Jesus, as carved into the stone wall of the Great Pyramid.

Horoscope 2
Free, personal horoscope.

Magic, Beliefs and Prophecies
A cornucopia of ancient wisdom - magic, prophecies, ancient mysteries.

Mystic Planet
Links For Enlightenment

Paranormal News

Science Facts
Face of Mars, UFO's, pyramids, ghosts, etcetera

Learning How To Scry

Topical Bible Search
Search the bible by topic

Strange But True
Strange facts and tidbits

Uri Geller
Home web site of the famous psychic