Ketamine ... Date Rape

GHB ... Date Rape

ROHYPNOL - The Date Rape Drug

Reprinted with permission from the book/program HEALTH REFERENCE

Also called ... "flunitrazepam" Produced in Europe and Latin America by Hoffman-La Roche pharmaceutical company. Illigal in the U.S. in the year 2001.

Perhaps the most talked about "date rape drug". Half of a pill combined with two beers gives the sensation of having consumed six beers. The sensation with throughout the night with a diminished hangover the following day. Overdose is a danger. The drug causes a trance like effect and is 7-10 times more effective than Valium. It has a muscle relaxant effect, calming effect and can prevent seizures. It is generally prescribed throughout the world as a sleeping pill. It looks like aspirin and has a line on one side and the name of the manufacturer (Roche) written on the opposite side.

When ingested it cannot be smelled or tasted. It can be administered in a marijuana cigarette, crushed and snorted, dissolved and injected, dissolved under the tongue. The effects are noticed approximately 20 minutes following ingestion. The drug is quickly absorbed into the body and can result ini blackouts that last from eight to 24 hours in duration ... considered very dangerous.

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