Rohypnol Date-Rape


KETAMINE - Another Date Rape Drug

Reprinted with permission from the book/program HEALTH REFERENCE

Ketamine is a controlled substance in America . . . it is only approved for use by veterinarians as an animal tranquilizer. It is often obtained for personal use via burglaries of veterinarian establishments.

The drug can be delivered into the body as a liquid, pill or powder and can be injected, snorted or swallowed. The symptoms have been likened to LDS and PSP due to hallucinations and the sensation of altered reality. Ketamine blocks the brain from receiving sensory input and this works to the advantage of the rapist since recollection by the victim is virtually impossible.

Small amounts prevent pain impulses from reaching the brain while larger doses lower the heart rate and result in the brain and muscles being deprived of oxygen. Too much can actually stop the heart beat and result in paralysis (temporary). The effects of Ketamine can be different for people depending upon body weights, tolerances, whether the drug is combined with other drugs, the environment and the method that the drug is delivered. The primary effects usually last for an hour or so but an impairment of a person's judgement and coordination can continue up to 24 hours. The drug can be detected for approximately 48 hours following ingestion.

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