Ketamine ... Date Rape

GHB ... Date Rape

GHB - Another Date Rape Drug

Reprinted with permission from the book/program HEALTH REFERENCE

In the late 1980's body building enthusiasts used GHB as a dietary supplement because it was believed to build muscles. Currently it is an unapproved new drug, which means that someone can be prosecuted for transporting it across state lines. However, in Illinois it is categorized as a "controlled substance".

No companies are manufacturing the drug but it is very easy to make ... instructions are available on the Internet and the ingredients are readily available at hardware stores.

GHB can be in the form of a powder that resembles laundry detergent or a clear liquid with a consistency of syrup ... strong alcoholic drinks usually mask the unpleasant taste. Unscrupulous individuals will typically store it in a Visine eyedropper bottle and sneak it into drinks when no one is looking.

One to two tablespoons typically bring on symptoms within 20 minutes that last for as long as six hours. A sensation of excessive intoxication is the feeling that is usually described by victims ... combined with nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, aggressive behaviors, twitching, weakness, drowsiness, seizures, muscle impairment and sometimes coma/death.

Due to non-standardized methods of manufacturing the drug, pH levels may be very acidic resulting in internal burns to the victim ... a common symptom of frequent users is burn marks around the mouth. Following ingestion of GHB, it usually remains in the blood stream for 4-7 hours and as much as 12 hours in urine.

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