Rethinking Arthritis

Arthritis and MSM



from the desk of Joseph Patrick Jakubal

Otto Warburg, who received a Nobel Prize in 1932 for his paper "Cause and Prevention of Cancer", showed in his early work that cancer was associated with anaerobic conditions (the deficiency of oxygen), which not only lowers the pH of a cell but also allows microforms to thrive.

When we die all oxygen leaves our bodies and we quickly become extremely acid. These microforms are the first to attend our funeral as they are the organisms responsible for breaking us down into our simplest forms-microzymas. When we become unhealthily acid while still living these microforms will begin to break us down even while we are living, resulting in fermentation of our cells!

Mr. Warburg also showed that the production of mutation receptors, which leads to cancer, cannot occur when the pH of the cell is in a healthy calcium buffered range, which assures the breakdown of glucose into the four nucleotides, adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thiamin, the basic building blocks of DNA that promote healthy DNA synthesis.

When the pH of the cells is acidic, the glucose breaks down into lactic acid, thus creating even more acidity and starving the cell of the basic building materials it requires for DNA replication.

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