November 2000

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by Joseph Patrick Jakubal


Visualization has been scientifically shown as an effective treatment for anger, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, eye problems, gallstones, hair loss, hot flashes, incontinence, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney stones, leg cramps, low self-esteem, menstrual discomfort, peptic ulcers, smoking, insomnia, sore throats and much more . . . we will cover some of the above disorders toward the end of this tape A

Generally people get what they expect in life - whether they like the results or not . . . Psychologists describe this as the "self-fulfilling prophecy". When the mind is filled with self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness, then that is what will be featured in the movie "Your Life" . . . until someone changes the video tape . . .

You are the writer, director and star of the movie entitled "Your Life" . . . you can author an uninspired 2nd rate attempt or a glorious masterpiece.

The mental picture that you hold of yourself is your script . . . and the silent mental conversations you have with yourself is like the movie review --- remember that you are your own worst critic - when you put yourself down you lessen your mental picture of yourself --- if you do this often enough you create a thinking habit which takes root deep in your unconscious. - and once "implanted" it becomes very difficult to remove --- especially if you do not realize that it is there.

Many of your "thinking habits" originate all the way back to your childhood - and will last throughout your entire life - unless you make a concerted effort to change it.


Never give yourself negative reviews by putting yourself down . . . always choose to give yourself positive reviews only ---for instance, if you find yourself thinking, "Boy, that was really stupid, I never seem to do things right . . . my life stinks" Stop the thought immediately and replace it with something positive that will cancel it out like, "I made a mistake and learning from my mistakes is the only way I can significantly advance my life --- how can I use this experience as a stepping stone to success?

Some people have a favorite expression for these moments like, "Every day and in every way I am getting better and better at everything I do.

Visualize yourself as a happy, poised and smiling person and you will become that person and the opposite is also true, if you repeatedly imagine yourself as arrogant - telling people off - and always being right then that is what you will become.

By "implanting" more and more "thinking habits" - you can create any future that you desire because you are the sum total of all the thoughts of your lifetime . . . and the thoughts which are most important in determining your life are the thought you've dwelled most upon ... that later became your "thinking habits".


Thinking habits are ideas which your inner self has accepted as true, for instance, 'over and over you practiced your multiplication tables until they sank down into your mind and became thinking habits' - the same thing happened when you learned your A B C's ---repetition put these "thinking habits" into your mind forever --- or until you decide to change them.

It must also be pointed out that it would have taken you a lot longer to retain these ideas if someone was trying to force you to learn. If someone was screaming at you saying things like - "how can you be so stupid? Why can't you remember?" - it would have taken you a lot longer than if you were calm, relaxed and focused ... as in a hypnotic state.

Superlearning techniques have shown us that relaxation is one of the keys to absorbing information at a maximum rate. Visualize while in a relaxed state and you can sink your goals ever deeper into your mind until they become a part of you . . . when this happens it is only a matter of time before they materialize.


Visualizations are repeated every day for a minimum of 6 weeks - while in a hypnotic trance - once your mind accepts the mental image it will continue to exist automatically as a "thinking habit" . . . invisible but always propelling you in the direction of your goals.

Mind expansion - and hypnosis in particular - gives more "weight" to your visualizations. One of the main characteristics of hypnosis is that it lessens mental defenses to new thoughts and ideas.

The 3 rules of visualization are . . .

     You must want what you visualize

     You must feel that you deserve what you visualize

     You must believe you are going to obtain your goal
     through visualization.

Visualization works by creating positive mental images which overcome anxiety and self-doubt ... and with self-confidence you can achieve anything you set out to do.

When visualizing, make sure that you view the mental scenes through your eyes . . . rather than as an observer watching a scene. . . . imagine yourself as part of the scene . . . see details like the expressions on peoples faces and vivid colors and textures.

Smells and sounds are very powerful visualization aids - include them in your visualizations . . . rather than simply imagining yourself walking at the beach, you should also feel a breeze on you cheek and smell the salty air . . . hear seagulls as they pass by etc..

Visualize as often as possible because you get better at visualizing the more you do it

All human progress was first visualized before it came into being . . . to bring out the best in you - you must first visualize the best. Visualize yourself not as you are but as you can be . . . the person who would emerge if not for the circumstances and limitations in your life --- the important thing to think about during visualization is not who you are or what you are presently doing but rather what your destination is --- and where you want to go.,

Never visualize things that you think have to happen for you to achieve your goal ... simply see it in it's completed form.

The easiest way to set up a visualization program is to listen to Side B your self-hypnosis cassette tape. This soundtrack is designed to guide you through relaxation, hypnosis and your own unique visualization based on the personal goals that you want to achieve. . .


These visualizations are most effective after you have completed a 6-weeek self-hypnosis course such as that on side B of this tape.


Now hold your hands in front of your face . . . make sure your palms are facing your eyes --- Make sure you are comfortable . . . support your elbows on an armrest, pillow or tabletop or anything else that makes you comfortable . . . the main idea is to be comfortable and relaxed. Now close your eyes and briskly rub your hands together --- cup the palms slightly over each eye - rest the bottom of your hand on your cheekbones - cross your fingers over the bridge of your nose and let them extend up to your forehead - take a deep breath and notice how your stomach expands as you breath ---now imagine that there is a balloon inside of your stomach --- imagine that the balloon fills up with every breath you take in --- and expels with each breath out.

Now imagine that there is a beautiful blue light at the center of the earth . . . a light that shines with the brilliance of a billion stars --- it is the most brilliant light that you have ever seen - in fact it is the most brilliant light that you can imagine.

Now breath deeply and see the light seeping up from the ground. and engulfing your feet -- feel it penetrate into your body and flow up your legs, moving through your abdomen and into your chest and shoulders. --- Feel the warm light travel down your arms and into your hands and fingers---imagine that this brilliant blue light is expanding in your hands --- feel the blue light filling up every crevice inside of your hand until it bursts through to the outside and swirls along the surface of your palms --- sense the blue light filling up the area between your palms and eyes . . . take a deep breath as the light penetrates your eyelids and floods the inside of your eyes - let the light fill your visual center and continue expanding throughout your head ---see the many shades of blue contained in this light - aquamarine, indigo and violet.


Imagine that you are in a beautiful garden ... a place with multitudes of different flowers and impeccable landscaping. Notice a magnificent fountain in the center of this garden - see how it sprays water high into the air . . . feel the mist from this spray on your face as you walk closer and closer - - - walk past the fountain and see yourself picking an apple from a tree --- feel the apple in your hand as you shine it on the sleeve of your shirt . . . Take a bite and notice how good it tastes - enjoy another taste of this juicy and delicious fruit --- Now toss it up in the air toward the deep blue sky and see it change into a red rubber ball before it falls and you catch it --- Now take the ball and throw it as hard as you can off into the distance --- see the ball getting smaller and smaller as you watch it disappear into the horizon --- now bring the ball back mentally - imagine that the ball reappears in the horizon - it is tiny at first and then larger and larger until it returns to you and you catch it.


Frequently people have pent-up angers that have been inside of them since childhood . . . sometimes decades old - these angers float around the background of your mind as negative "thinking habits". Often you do not realize that they even exist because it was so long ago when they were formed . . . but like any habit, they continue to exist and formulate your moods and thoughts. There is a myth that says "people forget anger with time". Scientific evidence shows that this is just not true . . . anger lasts and lasts and is a significant component of many diseases and mental disorders. In one way or another we pay for the anger that we hold inside of us. A simple and effective means of getting rid of this "excess baggage" is to use your self-hypnosis techniques to visualize a confrontation with the person who made you angry ---

Imagine yourself going into a room with 2 chairs facing each other --- take a rolled up newspaper with you --- and sit down across from your adversary . . . Say out loud to this person, "I asked you here to tell you exactly how I feel." --- tell the person what it is that has made you so angry - keep a position of power by saying, "I am angry because ..." - instead of, "You make me angry because ..." --- Remember that you are responsible for your own emotions and blaming someone else for the way you feel is counterproductive . . . it can keep you in a pattern of blaming others for your situations and therefore never finding the courage inside of yourself to change situations for the better.

As you express your anger hit the chair where the imaginary person is sitting --- continue hitting it until you feel that it is enough --- and then hit it for 5 minutes more. When you have completed, tell the imagined person why you have done this and thank him for his co-operation.


Visualize what it is that is giving you anxiety. Rehearse your actions and the different ways you might act until you are assertive and self-confident. Picture yourself in control of the situation and it will help you to be more assured when you face the real situation.


If you wake up in the morning with stiff joints then use this visualization to loosen up those joints for you. --- Make yourself comfortable as you are waking up in the morning --- Pull the covers up around your shoulders and close your eyes. Visualize yourself resting on a pleasant, and relaxing river bank. See the gentle flowing water and feel a soft warm wind against your cheek --- You can feel the warmth of the golden sun on your face and chest --- feel it warming your feet, your legs, your abdomen --- feel the warmth flowing through your body and into your belly and now to your shoulders --- feel it flowing down your arms and into your hands and fingers --- and finally engulfing your head with a pleasant warmth.

Your body is warm and relaxed as the gentle river rises to flow over your feet --- feel the warm water begin to flow inside of your feet ... swirling around and warming them ... washing away all the stiffness. See your stiffness as long strands of gray sand --- see it streaming away from your body and down the river

Now feel the water of the river rise up higher and higher and up to your knees ... feel the water warming your knees as it flows inside of them --- loosening up the stiffness that looks like loose gray sand --- see them stream out of your body and swirling away from you --- down the river

Now let the river rise to any stiff joint that you desire --- feel it enter the joint and swirl and eddy until all of the sandy, gray bits of stiffness are washing away.

Take your time and enjoy the warmth ... Good Morning.


This visualization assumes that you are on a low fat diet.

After putting yourself into a state of self-hypnosis --- imagine that a wave of healing power is inside of you . . . Visualize your gallstones and know that they are only made up of fat and cholesterol . . . imagine that they are dissolving like butter in a hot frying pan --- and since you are on a low fat and cholesterol diet your body is looking for any excesses it can find. It is used to getting more fat and cholesterol in it's diet so it is looking for any that it does not need for survival --- and there it is --- your gallstones --- see your body chemistry attacking the fat and melting down the gallstones into a liquid --- see the body absorbing it and craving more gallstones, any gallstones it can find.


This procedure assumes that you are actively messaging your scalp daily . . . you can use a water message during your shower --- but whatever method you use be sure you do it regularly to stimulate blood flow to your follicles.

For optimum results, do this procedure twice a day -once in the morning and once in the evening --- continue for 21 days, then suspend for 7 days. Continue this cycle until your hair grows.

Put yourself in a deep state of relaxation by putting yourself into self-hypnosis --- imagine that you are a gardener fertilizing your scalp and planting new hair seeds . . . imagine that you are walking through this garden and sprinkling growth hormone seeds on all of your hair follicles --- see each "growth hormone seed" as a ball of golden light --- feel each light seed being absorbed by each hair follicle.

Now sprinkle the whole garden with golden fertilizer --- see and feel this fluid being absorbed through each follicle making a golden web of liquid beneath the scalp, nourishing all of your hair follicles and causing hair to grow.

Breath out and see the hair pushing through your scalp growing higher and higher and higher.


Just because you are undergoing menopause does not mean that you have to loose control of your body temperature.

Start by putting yourself into deep relaxation with Self-Hypnosis --- next vividly imagine that you are stepping into a cold mountain stream ... feel the icy coolness flowing through your body from your feet to your head --- feel the emotion of relief as you splash water all over yourself.

This procedure assumes that you know basically what a kidney is and where it is located in the body . . . if not then look it up in a good encyclopedia, investigate it from every angle.

Follow this procedure for 21 days or until the stones disappear.

Put yourself into self-hypnosis and imagine that a flock of tiny birds are going to eliminate your kidney stones for you.

With your eyes closed - visualize that a flock of golden birds are descending into your kidney and pecking at your kidney stone with their golden beaks --- feel the birds working frantically to remove it piece by piece by piece--- see each bird pecking away at the stone and flying away with it's piece until the stone is completely gone.

Now feel a sun-shower raining into your body and down through your kidneys ... feel it washing away any residue that the birds may have left ... see and feel yourself urinating long strands of residue into the toilet - and flush it --- know that your kidney stone is now eliminated.


Relax yourself with self-hypnosis and imagine that there is a crowded pathway leading from your brain to the pain . . . The pathway is crowded with little messengers each carrying a spear --- see the messengers run up to the pain and throw their spears at it causing the pain to continue ... Now Visualize that you have built a stone wall across the pathway that stops the messengers from running up to your pain --- see the wall as too high to throw a spear over it--- see the area of pain as completely protected --- feel the area relax now that it is safe --- Feel the relief.


Perform this visualization at the first sign of premenstrual discomfort. Relax yourself with self-hypnosis and imagine that you are buried in the desert sand --- feel the sand --- hard, dry and baked on your body by the blazing sun ... feel the sand absorbing the moisture from your body --- feel your internal body water being soaked up by the sand --- feel the relief.

This procedure lasts from one to 3 minutes and should be repeated 3 to 4 times a day


Deep relaxation will decrease your craving for a cigarette --- relax yourself through self-hypnosis when you are craving a cigarette --- make your session approximately 15 minutes. This is excellent strategy for the first few weeks after quitting when you feel the strongest urges.

Do not use this technique more than twice a day.


This exercise will take about 12 minutes to start out with and become only a few seconds as you practice more and more.

Put yourself into deep relaxation with self-hypnosis and imagine yourself lying in an oversized hammock which is strung between two magnificent maple trees.

It's not too warm and it's not too cool --- the temperature is just right --- you are relaxed and comfortable --- wearing loose clothing. You can feel a soft breeze blowing at your cheek - look up - see and hear the leaves rustling in the wind --- between the leaves notice blue patches of sky - sometimes a fluffy white cloud drifting lazily by.

Feel yourself rocking back and forth - back and forth - as the trees bend in the wind ... feel the rays from the golden sun on the top of your head --- feel the warm sensation as it spreads from the top of your head to your face, neck, and shoulders. Feel the warmth traveling down your arms and into your hands and fingers with every breath you take - making them relaxed and heavy. Sense the warmth pouring down your chest and abdomen and into your legs and feet ... feel the warmth filling you up and expanding inside of you ... enjoy the pleasant sensation in your heart as it is washed and warmed.

How pleasant it is to be swaying in the breeze --- hear the wind rustling the leaves --- enjoy the sensation of being cradled and rocked, back and forth, back and forth.

You are now deeply relaxed in both mind and body ... you feel calm, heavy and warm ... Now count backwards from 100 to 0 and feel more and more tired with every count. As you count backwards your body is rejuvenating - sending it's healing powers to every part of your body ... making you healthy and whole.


As with all of these visualizations, it is assumed that you have "conditioned" yourself for 6 week with your self-hypnosis program - and that you are now able to put yourself into a hypnotic trance quickly and easily ... if not then listen to Side B of your tape every day for 6 weeks until your mind has been conditioned to relax instantly ... because tying to relax while you are in pain can often be a futile attempt ...

Use this technique to relieve pain several times a day - when required.

Now relax yourself deeply with self-hypnosis --- focus all of your attention exactly where you feel your pain. Imagine the inside of your throat vividly --- see the red colors of the sore walls --- notice the textures --- see it as a real place - have some curtains hanging on the wall and maybe add a potted plant in a corner.

Now imagine that a janitor is coming into your throat carrying a bucket of smooth and soothing antiseptic solution - see and feel him wiping down every nook and cranny of your throat --- soothing and relaxing - see the red inflammation becoming less intense - see it becoming pink and then normal - as your throat feels better and better.


Asthma is a condition by which you become hungry for air --- you realize that you are being denied life-giving oxygen and therefore start to panic --- the panic "snowballs" and makes the situation worse and worse.

Relaxation is the key --- you make the situation better by "taking your foot off of the accelerator" rather than by pressing it to the floor.

Use progressive relaxation, meditation, deep breathing exercises or self-hypnosis to deeply relax your body and you will find that the asthma attack will subside in approximately 15 to 20 minutes.