Welcome To The JKL Information Network

Hello! My name is Joseph Patrick Jakubal and I would like to welcome you to the JKL company.

We are an American-owned, multi-media, information network which is designed to serve the world wide, English speaking community.
Our "mission" is to make the "human condition" more bearable. We seek to provide pleasure and solutions to age old problems through music, sounds, video and self-enhancement.

We put together many free services for our readers ranging from "The Sound Emporium" ... to World News, Sleep, Health, Finances, Science, Anti-Aging and much more.

The company was conceived in 1992 ... you've seen our ads in Popular Science, Successful Retirement, Spy Magazine, Your Health Magazine, The Landers Herald, Weekly World News, Grit, The Globe, The National Enquirer, Jackpot Magazine, Phenome News, American Astrology and numerous other publications.