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Reprinted with permission from the book DREAMING, SLEEPING & ESP

Your subconscious "body intelligence" operates for you while you sleep ... you might curl up along the edge of your bed but your "body intelligence" will not allow you to fall out of the bed ... A mother might sleep through a raging thunderstorm but a slight sound from her baby can waken her up instantly.

These facts are clear evidence that your subconscious "body intelligence" is operating while you sleep and that it is still reacting to suggestions.

You can use periods of sleep to absorb information by playing a tape recorder that is timed to begin after you are asleep. In this way suggestions or information can be gently communicated to the "body intelligence".

Probably the biggest advantage of this type of learning is that it eliminates the tensions and anxieties which prevent us from learning in our normal waking hours.

According to the book, Hypnotism Revealed by M. Powers, an experiment was performed at the University of South Carolina. A group of 40 students was divided into two sections of twenty students each.

Professor Charles R. Elliott used an electroencephalograph machine to monitor the brain waves of the subjects to know when they were sleeping ... one group slept undisturbed while the other group was "fed" a list of words by a pillow speaker.

Upon awakening each student was asked to memorize the list of words ... those that listened to the pillow speakers memorized the list of words easily and quickly while those who did not labored with difficulty.

Probably the reason that this method was so effective is the same reason that people "re-learn" information so easily ... when people learn something and then do not use it for a long time they can re-learn it quickly and with ease.

This method can be used to learn vocabulary words, Morse code, foreign languages, and other subjects ... simply record the information you want to learn on a cassette tape and play it back while you sleep with "timer" ... the type you use to turn lights on in your house when you are on vacation.

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