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Reprinted with permission from the book DREAMING, SLEEPING & ESP

We only remember dreams that occur while we are either going to sleep or while we are waking up. All the other dreams throughout the night are invisible to us.

Dreams tend to fade away very quickly . . . how many dreams have you had in your lifetime that you never thought you would forget? How many are you able to remember?

Make sure you have a pencil and paper handy at you bedside so you can record your dreams before they slip away.

By writing down even a small observation, you are making a sort of "map" to lead you back to your memories of the dream.

The Vague Dream

If you wake up and dimly remember a fading dream . . . lie perfectly still and be very alert . . . let your mind drift for a few moments . . . then, make sure your eyes are still closed as you reach for the pencil to write down what you remember.

Think about the image for a few moments because another image from the dream will often occur, write it down. Often you can reconstruct the entire dream in this fashion.

The Vivid Dream during the night

Sometimes you may awaken from a dream that is crystal clear in your mind and you feel that there is no way that you could ever write down all of the details . . . if this is the case then write down "key words" and go back to sleep. In the morning review the words and move through the dream as you would through the imaginary house that you constructed for yourself.

The Vivid Dream In The Morning

Begin by writing down the last scene you remember and continue moving back toward the beginning. Don't get "hung-up" on the "story" or you may lose important details.


"Intend" to wake up "fully conscious" and notice the physical transformation you are going through.

Know what it is to "wake up" by analyzing yourself every day for one week, notice the feeling in your body as you awaken . . . notice your breathing . . . feel your muscles. Do not move from your sleeping position as you perform this analysis.

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