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Reprinted with permission from the book DREAMING, SLEEPING & ESP

Researchers now accept that telepathy occurs during dreams . . . and does not require a specific aptitude.

Sometimes thoughts are not transferred from one person to the other in "completed form" but rather may be interwoven into a dream that a person is having.

Dream researchers Montague Ullman and Stanley Krippner have stated that, "The psyche of man possesses a latent ESP capacity that is most likely to be deployed during sleep".

Sleep is an "altered state of consciousness" . . . and there is an abundance of evidence that it enhances psychic abilities . . . Botanist and psychic researcher Louisa Rhine compiled data for over 20 years on 100,000 ESP occurrences; she concluded that sixty five percent of them occurred during dreams.

Dream Telepathy

In Brooklyn, New York, famous experiments were conducted in 1965 at the Maimonides Medical Center.

In one room, a "sleeper" was hooked-up to an EEG machine and monitored for the Random Eye Movement (REM) which occurs during dreaming . . . the "sleeper" was awakened after 5 minutes into the dream and instructed to write down what the dream was about.

In another room a "sender" was provided with sealed envelopes which contained pictures chosen at random.

The images that the "sleeper" provided were then compared with the actual picture by independent judges to determine if there were similarities. These experiments were known for their extraordinary measures to prevent fraud. The two rooms were soundproofed --- envelopes sealed --- signatures across seals --- etc..

One "sender" concentrated on a picture of a "prize fight " at Madison Square Garden in New York . . . the "sleeper" described his dream as follows --- "Something about posts, just posts standing up from the ground and nothing else. There is some kind of feeling of movement, - Ah, Something about Madison Square Garden and a boxing fight."

Another "subject" described a dream she had about a co-worker who was looking at the front page of the New York Daily News which she could see described a building that had collapsed. Two weeks later a famous hotel in New York did collapse and probably the majority of New Yorkers saw the picture on the front page of the city newspapers.

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