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Reprinted with permission from the book HOW TO HYPNOTIZE,


	Under certain conditions the human mind can enter into a "state" ... where normal consciousness 
	is transformed to a heightened level of susceptibility to new ideas. 

	This state can be achieved through two methods ... mind expansion and Brain Washing. 

	Mind expansion is a positive means of self-development while brainwashing is a
	negative means to force people to conform to specific ideas and	patterns.


		To teach the reader about hypnosis ... and how to use it for his/her advantage.


		Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that may be induced in normal 
		persons by a variety of methods.


			Hypnosis results in a " trance-like"  state ... wholly dissimilar to 

			The subject withdraws attention from the outside world and absorbs 
			himself with his inner psychic and physiological experiences.

		3.2	THE "TRANCE" 

			The trance can vary from a " light"  depth to a " profound" depth.

			From a medical point of view, the " depth"  of the trance is not 
			significant because therapeutic effects are registered even in light 


				This type of trance bears no resemblance to sleep or trances 
				commonly associated with " mediums" .

				The term " trance"  might convey false expectations in the mind of
				the subject.

				Light hypnosis can best be defined as relaxation ... relaxation 
				of the body and mind.

				Approximately 20% of the general population will reach this
				" level"  on their first induction.

				The behavior of the subject will depend on what it is that (s)he
				seeks from the experience.  The following phenomenon is common:

					(1)	An easing of tension

					(2)	Feelings of relaxation

					(3)	Heightened suggestibility

					(4)	Increased mental focus

					(5)	The fluttering of eyelids

					(6)	Catalepsy

					(7)	Muscular rigidity

					(8)	A heavy or floating feeling


				Approximately 60% of the general population can achieve a medium trance level 
				on their first induction.

				While in this state the subject can experience the following:

					(1)	Smell and taste changes

					(2)	Complete muscle control
					(3)	Amnesia

					(4)	Aphasia (unable to verbalize)

					(5)	Post hypnotic analgesia

					(6)	Partial hallucinations

					(7)	Automatic motor movements

			3.2.3	THE " DEEP"  TRANCE

				The deep trance is also known as ... somnambulism.

				Approximately 20% of the general population can reach this
level on their first induction. Subjects exhibit the following characteristics ... (1) Positive hallucinations (visual and auditory) (2) Negative hallucinations (3) Trance logic (4) Ability to respond automatically to post hypnotic suggestions (5) Catatonia (the subject remains in whatever position (s)he is placed in (6) Anesthesia 4.0 WHO CAN BE HYPNOTIZED? Virtually everyone can be hypnotized easily. It must be understood, however, that a person will react only as it is appropriate for him/her. The " depth" of hypnosis and the " symptoms" displayed are a result of the emotional state of the subject and his/her " expectations" . To experience hypnosis a subject must be willing. 5.0 WHAT CAN HYPNOSIS BE USED FOR? To learn new skills, overcome disabilities and solve problems … through "self- management" . 5.1 HOW IS HYPNOSIS MOST USEFUL? It is commonly thought that hypnosis is most useful for psychiatry and physiology … however, we believe that the greatest " potential" for hypnosis is in the fields of " education" and " self-imaging" . A process for accelerated education called … "superlearning" combines hypnosis with music, visualization and " spaced repetition" to drastically increase comprehension and quantity of subject matter. Self-imaging is a process for instilling beneficial " thinking habits" into the mind. Thoughts of health, wealth and/or prosperity are typically displayed to the mind while the subject is in a hypnotic trance. 6.0 IS ONE'S ATTITUDE IMPORTANT WHEN ATTEMPTING HYPNOSIS? Absolutely … first of all, one must accept the possibility that hypnosis will work … next he/she must be willing to ignore reality and use imagination. In other words, the subject should have an open mind and a " childlike" attitude. 7.0 WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE IN A HYPNOTIC STATE? It feels like " drifting" . You experience this feeling every time you enter into sleep … it is the Twilight State of drifting between consciousness and sleep. Twice a day, people experience this state i.e. once in the morning just prior to being fully awake … and once in the evening just prior to sleep. Also, the " high" people get when smoking marijuana is reported as characteristic of the " drifting" experienced during hypnosis. 8.0 HOW DOES HYPNOSIS AFFECT THE BRAIN? The brain does not accept " all" information equally, it has an internal mechanism, which decides what is important and what is not. As an example … consider the man who owns a home near an airport. When friends visit they complain about the noise ... the owner responds that he does not notice it - however, for about three weeks after " moving in" he never thought he would get used to it … he actually thought about moving. The " internal mechanism" at first, interpreted the loud noises as a possible danger and allowed it to make a strong " impression" on the mind. As time went on and no danger occurred, the impression on the mind decreased until it was barely noticeable. The " internal mechanism" functions much like the " volume control" on a radio … by turning the volume " louder" more of an impression is made on the ear … and by turning the volume " down" less of an impression is made. Hypnosis effectively turns the " internal mechanism" louder giving greater importance to " senses" and ideas, which might otherwise be ignored. 8.1 THE INTERNAL MECHANISM Scientists believe that an area of the brain called the " reticular activator" is responsible for the " internal mechanism" described above. 8.1.1 THE RETICULAR ACTIVATOR The reticular activator is a network of cells located at the base of the brain. It is approximately 1/4 the size of an apple … and approximately the same shape. The reticular activator is a mental trigger in the unconscious that directs attention and causes a person to notice and remember things never intentionally committed to memory. 9.0 IS HYPNOSIS DANGEROUS? From a physiological viewpoint, hypnosis is merely the relaxation of body and mind … and rarely does relaxation cause detrimental effects on the human body. People who are hypnotized do not lose touch with their surroundings … they doe not become unconscious … they do not forget where they are (though some may choose to forget the contents of the hypnotic session immediately afterwards). 9.1 DO PEOPLE ACT DIFFERENTLY WHEN HYPNOTIZED? Only if they choose to … people often use hypnosis as an excuse for questionable actions … it is easy to say, " I had to do it because I was hypnotized" . Hypnosis can be described as a " consent state" . Anything a person does while in in state of hypnosis is done with their knowledge and consent. 9.2 DO PEOPLE LOSE THEIR "WILL POWER" WHEN HYPNOTIZED? Definitely not … this is a misconception originating in the 19th century. Willpower is always maintained during hypnosis. 9.3 CAN HYPNOSIS BE ABUSED? It is a sad fact that more and more " cases" are being reported of therapists (in all fields) taking advantage of their clients. Hypnosis is not dangerous in itself, however, anytime a " trusting relationship" is developed between two people - it is open to abuse. 9.4 CAN PEOPLE BE TRAPPED IN HYPNOSIS? People never loose consciousness when hypnotized. All that is required to exit hypnosis is a desire to do so. When people remain hypnotized beyond the expected time limits it is usually because they enjoy the relaxation and choose to continue it. Ultimately, people who choose to remain in a state of hypnosis will fall asleep and then wake up normally. To repeat, " hypnosis is not dangerous in itself" … however, putting total confidence is an unscrupulous hypnotist, or anyone for that matter, can be dangerous. People can choose to give up responsibilities for their actions to a hypnotist, religion, cult or political ideology … but it is always the free choice of the individual to do so. 9.5 THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HYPNOSIS AND BRAINWASHING Hypnosis and brainwashing are a contradiction of each other. Brainwashing requires abnormal amounts of stress to be placed on the " victim" . If any person's mind is subjected to a sufficient amount of stress, it will go into a " transmarginal" state where the ability to make logical decisions is lost. At this time the mind becomes highly " suggestible" and ideas can be placed into it that might otherwise be rejected. Hypnosis requires the use of relaxation (the opposite of stress) and the ability to make logical decisions is never lost. 9.6 CAN HARMFUL THOUGHTS BE PLACED IN THE MIND? Definitely … negative thoughts and ideas produce negative results … and positive thoughts and ideas produce positive results. People should be very careful to only allow thoughts and ideas that enhance their lives. The unconscious mind can choose to make important decisions without the knowledge of the conscious mind … therefore it should only be fed with positive information - to ensure positive results. When the unconscious mind is filled with negative and limiting thoughts, then the conscious mind will be flooded with the same. 9.7 FORGOTTEN MEMORIES The revival of forgotten memories, through hypnosis, is often intermingled with luxuriant fantasies … they should not be taken at face value. A forgotten memory springs not from objective assessments but from
poetic interpretations of people's lives. 10.0 INDUCING HYPNOSIS The subject is assigned tasks while listening to monotonous and repetitive verbal commands like … " relax your muscles" or, … " imagine a beautiful, sandy beach" , or … " listen very carefully to the sound of my voice" or, … " your hand feels lighter and lighter, it feels as though it is floating up into the air" . The subject is asked to focus his/her attention while in a state of relaxation. The entire process of hypnosis typically consists of the following steps … (1) Preconditioning (2) Induction (3) Suggestions (4) Suggestions for re-hypnosis (5) Awakening Each step is inter-dependent on the others … none should be omitted. 10.1 PRECONDITIONS Preconditioning includes all the pre-conceived ideas that the subject has about hypnosis … this will determine how he/she experiences the process. Slow, classical music from the Baroque period should be played in the background … look for concertos by the following composers: Corelli, Handel, Telemann, J.S. Back and Vivaldi. The selections should be " stately" at approximately 60 beats per minute. Relaxation is the key, the environment should be relaxed, quiet and non- threatening. If a hypnotist is used … his/her manner should be slow, friendly, definite, non-anxious. Beverages should be provided and an explanation of hypnosis should take place (if required). 10.2 INDUCTION The entire induction is a series of " suggestions" designed to relax the subject and narrowly focus his/her attention. The subject is then told that he/she can close the eyelids and relax. Next, the subject is instructed to take several deep and slow breaths … and to imagine that the air is entering and leaving the body with every breath (focusing the subject's attention). The subject is told that with every breath he/she can go deeper and deeper into a state of deep relaxation. The subject is next told to breath … breath and relax deeper and deeper and deeper. Over and over … and in a monotonous voice … words like " relax" and " deep" and " free" are repeated as instructions. At the same time " earth resonant" sound effects (approximately 7 cycles per second plus harmonics) help to relax the body and " tune-in" to nature. Once the subject is suitably relaxed … add 60 cycle per minute sound effects like heartbeats or the ticking of a clock (to stimulate memories of relaxation and security in the mother's womb). The subject is next instructed to " synchronize his/her breath with the 60 cycles per minute sound effects … " breath in when hearing one beat and breath out when hearing the next" . (Continue for one or two minutes and fade out all sound effects). Sound effects of a random nature are now " entered into the process … sounds like " running water" , " wind" , " ocean surf", " crickets" , etcetera. These sounds tend to relax the analyzing portion of the mind … allowing it to relax ever deeper. The hypnotist then describes a scene in vivid detail … (s)he instructs the subject to picture himself/herself in the scene while imagining sounds, vivid colors, smells, etcetera. The subject is next instructed to feel weightless and to imagine a sensation of " drifting" . Next, the person is told that he/she will now start a process called " visualization" . It is explained that visualization is not idle thinking or daydreaming … but rather a " demonstration" to the subconscious of what it is (s)he wants from life … repetition and vivid imaginings present a goal for the mind to achieve … and once a goal is accepted by the mind, it will do anything and everything to achieve that goal. 10.2.1 VISUALIZATION PART OF THE INDUCTION The purpose of visualization is to set a " goal" . The subject is asked to imagine his/her life as it will be in 5 years from today. (S)he is instructed to see things in vivid details, to smell aromas, to hear the sounds of people who belong in the visualization. Slow music should be played to enhance the mental picture … string instruments should be used to create shimmering harmonics. While the music continues to play … the hypnotist stops talking for approximately five minutes while the subject imagines his/her goals. 10.3 SCIENTIFIC AFFIRMATIONS Visualization music is " faded out" and " superlearning" music is played while positive statements are spoken to the subject. These positive statements are called " scientific affirmations" and exhibit the following characteristics … (1) They are short and concise statements. (2) They are " suggestions" and not commands. (3) They are stated in the present tense … as though they were already true. Each affirmation is spoken in a low and relaxed voice … three times … and in different tones (to keep the mind from becoming bored and " tuning out"). The affirmations are stated " out loud" by the subject … or if (s)he prefers, silently. If the person chooses to state them silently then (s)he should shout them out with emotion (self-talk) and imagine that they are bouncing off the universe and back into his/her mind. Note that the " superlearning" music should have a slow and " stately" beat … approximately 60 beats per minute. 10.4 EXITING HYPNOSIS At the completion of the affirmations … the subject is told that (s)he will become wider an wider awake as the hypnotist counts from one to ten … " with each successive count you feel more and more alert and refreshed." Lively music (approximately 2 beats per second) is now played until the subject terminates the hypnosis session.

11.0 THE " SCRIPT" 11.1 DIRECTIONS Familiarize yourself with the script by reading through it three times … " ham-it-up" as you read it by emphasizing key phrases and leaving pauses as indicated. Make a tape recording of the " script" Find a comfortable place to sit and lie down … a place where you will not likely be disturbed. Position yourself with your spine straight and your feet and legs uncrossed. Listen to the tape and imagine along with what is being said. Do not see things as though you are looking at a scene … imagine that you are seeing things through your own eyes. Do not offer resistance to the ideas contained in the " script" … imagine that your are actually experiencing what is being said on the tape … the exercise takes between 20 and 30 minutes and should be performed every day for six weeks.

(Leave 30 seconds of blank tape prior to starting to read the following) START READING SCRIPT " You are going to relax deeper than you have ever relaxed before… Now, take a deep breath and exhale it as slowly as you can … and as you let the air escape from your lungs let yourself go limp and loose."

(Baroque style music should be playing)

" Do this now … allow your eyelids to close" .

(Leave 15 seconds of blank tape)

" Now you can tense your right foot and leg … bunch up your toes and squeeze the muscles in your calf and thigh … lift your leg into the air for just a moment … and hold it … and let it slowly relax and gently drop back down."

" Take a long, slow, deep breath … and gently let go."

" Now … tense up your left foot and leg in the same way as you did the right ones … bunch up your toes … squeeze the muscles on your calf and thigh … lift your left leg into the air and hold it … and gently let it relax.

Now concentrate on your breathing … imagine as you 'breath in' that your stomach is inflating like a balloon … see it reaching higher and higher, and higher (fading away) … and gently let go."

With every breath you take … you can relax deeper and deeper and deeper (fade away).

Breathe and relax … breathe and known that you deserve to have absolutely everything you want.

You will now begin to tense up your right hand and arm … make a fist with your right hand and tighten the muscles in your forearm - and now your muscles. Lift your right arm slightly into the air and hold it there for a moment … gently let go … relax the arm and let go … you are free.

Now, take a long … slow … deep breath … and let go.

Next, tense up your left hand … imagine you are squeezing a rubber ball … tighten the muscles in your forearm, and now your upper arm … squeeze … squeeze all the muscles. Now, lift your left arm slightly into the air and hold it there for a moment … gently let go … relax this arm and let go … your are free.

Now, squeeze your buttocks - tighten up all the muscles in your pelvic region … as though you were trying to stop peeing … squeeze these muscles … tighter and tighter … and let go … feel tension and anxiety leaving your body as you relax and let go.

Now you can tense all the muscles in your stomach and chest … tense the muscles in your back … arch your back and let go … let all your muscles go loose and lip as you relax deeper and deeper into pleasant relaxation.

Take a long … slow … deep breath … and let go … drift deeper and deeper and deeper (fade out).

Now tense up all the muscles in your head and neck, scrunch-up your nose … forehead … cheeks and every muscle on your face … squeeze the muscles … all the muscles … and relax.

Take in a deep breath … fill your lungs to their fullest … and slowly breath out.

Once again you can focus your attention on your breathing … feel the life giving oxygen entering into your nostrils as " stream of air" gently gliding down your windpipe … feel it entering into your abdomen … filling up your stomach with cleansing, soothing and refreshing air … and gently breath out. Imagine that tension and anxiety leave your body with every exhale.

(Breathing sounds for 20 seconds)

Relax and allow yourself to drift … it feels so good to be in a state of deep relaxation … you are free … let go, let go, let go.

Now notice that your body feels weightless … you are as light as a cloud … you feel as though you are floating into the air … calm and at ease … drifting higher and higher as you float just above the tree-tops … you are free … drift even deeper and deeper with every breath you take.

See the clear, blue sky above you and hear a mountain stream below … see the mountain stream " snaking" it's way through the forest … hear the sound of birds coming from all around you as you drift deeper into total relaxation.

Look below you and see a mountain stream winding through a luscious green valley … feel a warm wind on your cheek blowing you toward the end of the forest ... see a golden meadow ... feel yourself descending into this meadow … smell the soft green grass and wild flowers, which are strewn throughout the meadow … feel yourself landing in a soft and relaxing spot near the stream … feel the golden sun on your face and chest … see a white cloud drifting lazily in the clear blue sky … floating high above the peaceful meadow.

Feel the bright rays of the sun warming our face and forehead … feel the light entering into your eyelids and filling up the inside of your head … feel it expanding into every crevice … illuminating the inside of your mind … let the golden light purify you … cleanse you … as it streams down your neck and into your chest … and expanding, expanding, expanding (fade away).

You are magnificent and you are powerful … you can have everything you want in life … you deserve to have absolutely everything you want.

Feel the light expanding everywhere inside of you - let it flow into your arms … your hands … your fingers … your stomach … your thighs … your calves and your feet. Let the light expand inside of you … filling you up with it's magnificent brightness … let every atom of your entire being radiate pure, golden light … do this now. Expand the light within you … expand, expand … allow yourself to become engulfed with light radiating everywhere.

(pause 5 seconds)

Now gently touch the fingertips of your thumb and your middle finger. Whenever you do this you can return to this very deep level of relaxation quickly … so touch your fingertips together and go deeper … deeper into calm, restful relaxation.

(Pause 5 seconds)

You are now deeply relaxed and in the perfect state for visualization … visualization is not idle thinking or daydreaming … it is a display to the subconscious portion of your mind … telling it exactly what you choose to have form life.

Visualize yourself in the " here and now" and through your own eyes … see vivid colors, see details … see yourself having everything you ever wanted and know that what you visualize will come to you and usually in unexpected ways.

Now imagine that it is five years from today and you are getting ready to watch a home video … see yourself removing the video cassette from it's container and notice your name is printed on the label … this is a video about you … and it is exactly as you want it to be … walk up to the VCR and insert the tape … sit down in a comfortable chair and notice how big the television screen is, you have never seen a television screen this large … it actually fill the entire wall.

See the lights dim and the entire room become dark, see the screen light up with your name … watch your name disappear and let the video commence. See yourself having everything you want … feel yourself enjoying the sensations of pride and satisfaction … do not limit yourself … experience feelings and emotions that accompany having everything you want … see people who belong with you in this film … see how your good fortune benefits them … and the entire world.

See yourself having and enjoying everything you desire … hear pleasant sounds … and feel assured that all you desire is already yours … it is within you.

Now relax with this scene … see vivid details and I will return in a few moments.

(Pause for 4 minutes as visualization music is played i.e. string harmonics)

Now prepare to complete your visualization … see the credits … see the lights come on … see people you known walking into the room and smiling at you with love and admiration.

(Applause sound effects)

The following affirmations will be communicated to every level of your body and mind … they will become a part of you … to positively affect the rest of your life. So, repeat the words out loud as they are being said … or if you prefer - silently in your mind. If you choose to say them silently then shout them out, inside of your head, with feeling and emotion … see them bounce off the universe and back to you.

I am worthy … I deserve to have absolutely everything I want. (Repeat for a total of three times)

The universe abound with riches … I now allow the free flow of abundance to enter my entire life. (Repeat for a total of three times)

The infinite power of my subconscious mind is working on my behalf … and it always succeeds … I have peace and assurance. (Repeat for a total of three times)

I have creative force within me and I can use it to create my life exactly as I want it to be. (Repeat for a total of three times)

Through the power of my subconscious mind … I effortlessly achieve my goals. (Repeat for a total of three times)

You are magnificent and you are worthy … you deserve to have everything you ever wanted.

I now commit myself to the positive thoughts and actions that guide my life … perfect health is mine. (Repeat for a total of three times)

The world abounds with riches … any of them can be mine. (Repeat for a total of three times)

Every day and in every way I am getting better and better at everything I do. (Repeat for a total of three times)

I deserve love, happiness and satisfaction. (Repeat for a total of three times)

I am unique and special … I deserve love and abundance. (Repeat for a total of three times)

My world is opening and expanding … I am strong and vital. (Repeat for a total of three times)

I trust the natural flow of the universe to provide me with everything I need. (Repeat for a total of three times)

I give thanks for my wealth and the ever-increasing abundance that is coming to me … I take the right steps to keep the flowing coming. (Repeat for a total of three times)

The infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind knows what is best for me … it's tendency is always lifeward … and it reveals to me the right decisions, which benefits me and all concerned … I give thanks for the answers which I know will come to me. (Repeat for a total of three times)

I am master of my own thoughts … I persevere and achieve my goals. (Repeat for a total of three times)

I believe that all I desire is already mine. (Repeat for a total of three times)

Whatever I visualize is given to me at the perfect time … powerful is my subconscious mind. (Repeat for a total of three times)

I am a creative genius … I can create my life exactly as I want it to be. (Repeat for a total of three times)

Every time I listen to this tape I can go deeper than the time before … and it happens faster and faster and faster. (Repeat for a total of three times)

The answers I need are within me … I have everything I need to obtain the things I want. (Repeat for a total of three times)

I am master of my own destiny … I choose love and happiness. (Repeat for a total of three times)

All these affirmations are already at work to ensure that I have everything I want. (Repeat for a total of three times)

The next time I go into a state of hypnosis I can go deeper … deeper than I have ever been before. (Repeat for a total of three times)

(Exiting from hypnosis)

It is now time to return to the every day world … as though you were returning from a pleasant vacation.

You feel relaxed and confident … knowing that you can make things work out for your life.

You can now feel … so good … knowing that you are able to control your thoughts and therefore you can control your world.

You are ready to face the world and everything it has in store for you.

This program enables you to feel free and calm because you have the knowledge to make things go right for yourself.

Every day you are getting better and better at everything you do.

With every breath you take you can become more and more alert …

(Fast tempo music)

… ready to face the rest of today and tomorrow with renewed vigor … in a new and calm manner.

With every breath I am coming back to the normal world.

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