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According to British biologist, Armand Leroi (Imperial College - Berkshire, England) people who are short in stature are genetically predisposed to live longer than their tall counterparts.

Mr Leroi presented his findings at a "Scientists for the New Century" lecture at the Royal Institution in London on March 28, 2001. The basis for his findings is the work he has done studying a small, worm-like animal called, "nematode C.elegans". By manipulating genes he was able to produce giant worms and dwarf ones. Furthering his studies, he found that the genes that influenced height were also instrumental in the manufacture of growth hormones , whch led to shorter life spans.

Mr. Leroi claims that the same holds true with humans, mice and dogs because they all have the same Insulin based growth systems.

I'm skeptical, however, Mr. Leroi does not take into account the mind/body connection that has been shown to be a controlling force for human beings. Everything from pain, to hair growth, to the elimination of deadly diseases can be affected by "thinking". And I might add that there has never been a study to demonstrate that people who are short in stature live longer than those who are not.