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Reprinted with permission from the book THE ANTI-AGING CHRONICLES

Mental deterioration is commonly thought of as normal for people aging ... and once again, "if that is what you expect then that is most likely what you will get".

Medical science has accepted that the brain degenerates as people age ... the brain shrinks, decreases in mass, and lose millions of cells a year which do not replace themselves. Along with these symptoms comes memory loss, less reasoning ability, and decreased intelligence.

But now, new evidence from studies concerning "healthy" elderly people shows that 80 percent of them suffer no signiificant memory loss as they age ... in fact, the ability to remember past events actually improves.

In tests where 70 year olds were compared with 20 year olds, older people actually performed better than their counterparts. And even in tests concerning short-term memoy, the older group could almost match the younger if they practiced it for a few minutes every day.

The lesson to be learned here is that the "diseases of aging" are largely a result of "thinking habits" ... and not the limitations of the body. As long as a person remains mentally active they will remain as intelligent as they were when they were younger.

Demonstrate to your "inner self" that you expect good mental health by making it a "thinking habit" ... and reinforce this habit by doing things that promote good mental health like mental exercises (constant learning, use of the imagination, visualization, etcetera).

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