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Reprinted with permission from the book THE ANTI-AGING CHRONICLES

If at all possible, avoid an excess of sunlight. A certain amount of it is good for you and will enhance your life ... but don't worship it! Excess sunlight combines with oxygen in the skin's cells to produce free radicals that damage DNA and injures your immune system.

The sun causes premature aging of skin, wrinkles, age-spots, and skin cancer. The darker and oiler a person's skin is ... the less are the effects. However even black skin isn't immune to skin cancer and aging caused by the sun.


"Patients saw a real difference", according to a Harvard Medical School dermatologist Lynn Drake, MD.

She tracked 67 women for 22 weeks during a study of alpha-hydroxy acids. Some of the benefits included smoother skin, reduced sallowness, and better color. (Your Health - Aug. 6. 96 - p12)

"They have been remarkably effective and remarkably safe", according to the author of You Can Look Younger at any Age by author Nelson Leek Novick.

The FDA says that some studies suggest that AHA's may cause skin irritation and increased sensitivity to sunlight. We suggest that you discover what is right for you.

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