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Reprinted with permission from the book MIND/BODY ATTUNEMENT

All living creatures possess a built-in goal striving “instinct” that guides them toward goals of nourishment, defense, and reproduction. It automatically guides human beings to the goals that contribute to a satisfying life (based on beliefs).

But often we give ourselves erroneous information based on false beliefs that can actually sabotage our goals of health.

“Program” your personality with concepts of health and the “ goal striving instinct” operates to give you the moods, attitudes, memories, and ideas that lead you straight to your desire.

However, program it with negative thoughts and ideas and it becomes a “failure mechanism”. But limitations that were “suggested” to us during childhood can be programmed to change. Limitations like, “Human beings peak physically at the age of 28 and degenerate towards death afterwards” ... or, “... little Johnny seems to pick up every disease that is going around”.

Negative thoughts and ideas about health that you may have developed in childhood were learned ... and anything that was learned can be modified or relearned with new information, this is the nature of human beings. Negative ideas can be over-ridden with positive new ones.

You gained your personality through repetition (habits) and it´s simple to change such a habit. I did not say it was easy, but it is most definitely possible ... it simply requires repetition.

It´s the same concept when learning to play guitar. At first placing your fingers in an unfamiliar pattern on the fret board feels awkward and unnatural seems as though one could never get used to it ... but with time it becomes a habit and ultimately requires no conscious awareness at all.

Changing negative thought patterns about health is as simple as that.


People who display remarkable abilities under hypnosis actually had those abilities all along. Instead of saying, “I´ve been hypnotized” it´s more accurate to say, “I´ve been de-hypnotized”.

The reason people do not display these abilities under normal circumstances is that they did not realize they had the ability. They choke it off psychologically with limiting beliefs about themselves.

Our health is affected by this type of self-hypnosis (programming) and the connection between a patient´s beliefs about an illness and the progression of it is well documented.

People are hypnotized to the extent that their personalities (beliefs) were greatly formed by “suggestions” uncritically accepted from others, or “suggestions” that they repeated to themselves, or that they convinced themselves were true.

Repeat the following “ suggestions” three times consecutively while in a “deeply relaxed” state of “mind/body attunement”.
  My goals in life are health, harmony, and abundance.
 I effortlessly achieve goals I set for myself.

 I deserve exceptional health.

 By day and by night my health improves automatically.

 Every day and in every way I am better and better at everything I do.

 I´m communicating all of these suggestions to every level of my body and mind. They are constantly at work to ensure that my healthy new habits are developing.

By repeating these “suggestions” to yourself daily, you can form a deep-rooted habit in as little as 21 days ... but I suggest six weeks due to the variances in individuals.

Once your personality has accepted these ideas as a habit they will provide you with inspiration and motivation to propel you straight to your goal ... and what have you got to lose except for negative beliefs and stresses that may be capable of making you sick?

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