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BREAST CANCER ... Causes And Recovery

By Joseph Patrick Jakubal

The causes of breast cancer continues to raise controversy ... science tells us one thing and survivors of the disease tell us something quite different.

A significant number of women are stepping forward to inform us that "stress" is what caused their cancer and that a positive attitude is what cured it!

Following a study (performed by a Toronto research team) it was surprising to note that former breast cancer victims put traditional scientific causes of the disease at the bottom of the list and "stress" at the head. Things like genetics, diet, environment, lifestyle did not rate nearly so high!

Additionally, only 6% of those who took place in the survey credited the anti-cancer drug Tamoxifen with curing them and a full 60% credited a "positive attitude".

The survey was conducted on 400 breast cancer survivors who were without signs of the disease for an average of nine years. The women came from support groups for breast cancer plus survivors from Toronto's Princess Margaret Hospital.

The survey was in the form of a questionnaire, but it did not request that the women select from a list of causes. Rather, they were asked the following question ... "What do you believe caused your cancer and why do you believe you survived the disease?" More than one answer was allowed for each question. The results were as follows:

What do you believe caused your cancer?

Stress ... 42%
Genetics ... 27 %
Environmental Factors ... 26%
Hormones ... 24%
Diet ... 16%

Why do you believe that you survived the disease?

        Positive attitude ... 60%
        Diet ... 50%
        Healthy lifestyle ... 40%
        Exercise ... 40%
        Stress reduction ... 28%
        Prayer ... 26%
        Complementary therapies ... 11%
        Tamoxifen ... 4%

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