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As stresses accumulate, people become increasingly susceptible to physical illness, mental / emotional problems, and accidental injuries.

Relaxation is not a luxury, it is a daily necessity!

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Progressive Relaxation / The Relaxation Response

Personal responsibility for health: Many people today are waking up to the realization that responsible health care is up to us. By our own choices every day, we choose either health or disease. If we get enough rest, nourish ourselves with fresh pure food, if we exercise according to our body type and live according to seasonal regimens, we are creating health. If not, we are sowing the seeds for ill health and disease.

By learning to relax deeply and dissipate stress on a regular basis, you can improve your physical health, strengthen your immunity system and look years younger.

"Progressive relaxation" is a term first used by physiologist and psychologist Edmund Jacobson in the 1930's ... Dr Jacobson taught us that relaxation is the antidote for stress ... and if people could learn to relax their muscles with a precise method ... then, "mental" relaxation would follow.

Presently, it is well-established therapy, widely used in the medical and complimentary health fields.

Progressive relaxation works because of the relationship between your muscle tension and your emotional tension. When you feel emotionally distraught, you automatically tense your muscles. Muscle tension can cause many ailments including headaches, backaches, and even high cholesterol

Later in the century, Dr. Herbert Benson showed us that relaxation could be deepened by taking deep breaths and releasing tension with each exhalation and imagining relaxation moving from the toes to the head. As people became aware of different muscles groups and how they could control the experience of tension and relaxation, then the capacity to relax will increase.

Then, the JKL Company created the soundtrack entitled, "Quieting The Mind" ... which combined the best attributes of Progressive Relaxation, Relaxation Response, and "Guided Visualization" (This is usually when someone talks you through the process). The ability to relax your body and calm you mind is necessary for health and well-being. This recording helps you discover your capacities for relaxation and inner calm. Quieting The Mind promotes mind-body awareness and the deep relaxation of muscles through out your body. This recording guides you to gently contract then relax different muscle groups. It concludes with awareness of your entire body resting in a state of relaxation. Autogenic Training promotes states of deep relaxation through the mental repetition of key phrases. "My right arm feels heavy and warm" is an example of an autogenic phrase. This recording guides you to repeat several autogenic phrases to achieve relaxation and inner calm. It concludes with awareness of your entire body resting in a state of relaxation.


Place: Find a quiet room where you can work undisturbed. Position: To learn progressive relaxation, all parts of your body must be comfortably supported. Find a bed, a couch, or a recliner. Clothing: Wear loose clothing. Time: Designate about 20 minutes daily. Try to schedule a fixed time every day so you won't forget to do your relaxation routine. Focus: Try to focus on the particular sensations that come from letting go of tension.

You can certainly learn to relax on your own by tightening muscle groups and then letting them go ... however, we suggest that you purchase an audio soundtrack that guides you through the process ... and, we suggest the Quieting The Mind soundtrack from the JKL Company because it incorporates many complex mind / body techniques that draws on many disciplines like meditation, guided imagery and visualization. The "Relaxation Response" is elicited by "tricking" the body into thinking it is preparing for sleep ... this is done by using resonant frequency sounds and duplication of brain wave patterns that occur during sleep.

The JKL soundtrack can be obtained as a CD or cassette tape for only $19.95 plus $3 shipping and handling.

SAVE: MP3 version is available for only $4.95 Order yours today and discover the benefits for a fraction of the cost.

Product Description Product # Price PAYMENT
Quieting The Mind Progressive Relaxation / Relaxation Response CD or Tape 107J $19.95 + $3 S&H
Quieting The Mind Progresssive Relaxation / Relaxation Response MP3 107K $4.95

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