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Reprinted with permission from the book MIND/BODY ATTUNEMENT

Never give yourself negative (mental) reviews by putting yourself down (with negative self talk)... always choose to give yourself positive reviews only, for instance, if you find yourself thinking, "Boy, that was really stupid of me, I never seem to do things right." Stop the thought immediately and replace it with something positive that will cancel it out like, "I made a mistake and learning from my mistakes is the only way I can significantly advance my life --- how can I use this experience as a stepping stone to success?"

Some people even have a favorite expression for these moments like, "Every day and in every way I am getting better and better at everything I do."

Visualize yourself as a happy, poised and smiling person and you will become that person and the opposite is also true, if you repeatedly imagine yourself as arrogant ... telling people off ... and always being right, then that is what you will become.

By implanting more and more "thinking habits" - you can create any future that you desire because ... you are the sum total of all the thoughts of your lifetime ... and the thoughts which are most important in determining your personality are the thoughts you dwell upon most.

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